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Pitti Bimbo and kids fashion

Thank You Pitti Bimbo for making our kids fashionable – Pitti Bimbo kids fashion is here. Gone are the days where children were found wearing pinafores or sailor suits. Today kids are as fashionable as an adult, thanks to the evolving fashion business. From the couture line of garments to sunglasses fitting those tiny heads […]

Healthy Eating for Kids’

With the growing TV commercials and peer influence about junk foods, it has been a struggle for the parents to get the healthy eating for kids. Takeout and convenient foods have replaced the home cooked meal for most of the times in kids’ diet. But the major part of parenting is the right eating habit […]

Top 5 Kids Holiday Destinations South America

Here are the kids holiday South America. Traveling to South America with kids is a good option to take a look at. There is something for everyone in kids friendly destinations of South America.  Latino people are very welcoming towards all kids and like to share their folklore, cuisine, dance, and language with them. You […]