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Instagram Kids Accounts to Follow – Part 1

The top 5 Instagram kids accounts to follow are suggested here by KDSWR magazine.

Since a few months back, depending on where on this planet you live, Instagram has selectively revised its like policy not to have the number of likes visible for any given Instagram post in a select countries.

One thing however has not been touched by the People at Instagram is the Instagram Followers. Instagram was launched in 2010. It has since grown to become the number one go to online app for style inspiration. Great for adults looking for inspiration for their own wardrobes or for those of their loved ones (Kids).

Without further ado, here are the Instagram Kids Accounts to Follow that KDSWR suggests to go to for style inspiration.

Milana Mostovaya @milanamos                                                        

Effortlessly Elegant is how you would describe Russian born child model Milana Mostovaya. Because She nails it with every outfit consistently every day. Milana was raised in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

milana mos at kdswr kids wear top kids instagram accounts

Alonso Mateo @luisafere                                                                               

Alonso is one of the most famous boys on Instagram. A serial globe trotter with mum Luisa. Most importantly Alonso dresses so effortlessly well. Many grown up men could learn a thing or two from Alonso.

alonso mateo kdswr top kids instagram accounts kids wear

Don Morphy Boys @donmororphy_boys                                           

Frequently photographed in Florence at the Pitti Uomo. Jacyn and Joedan Mofor, sons of Daniel Mofor of Dallas based Don Morphy. Just like Dad, his boys learn from the best. So they are unquestionably the best dressed kids in Dallas, U.S.A. @donmorphy_boys is an Instagram Kids Accounts to Follow.

donmorphy boys top kids instagram accounts kdswr kids wear

Harper Anthony @keishaharper                                                                   

Young Anthony is the perfect child model because he is always effortlessly and elegantly dressed. Both in casual and formal outfits. Most importantly at even his young age, Anthony is a trend setting example to the young black youths of Chicago and beyond. So @keishaharper is an Instagram Kids Accounts to Follow.

anthony harper instagram kdswr

Peter @peterfromparis                                                                               

Peter from Paris is one of the main Instagram Kids Accounts to Follow. This Instagram account is run by his half French and half English mum Julie. So this account chronicles the life of Peter . His daily life living on the Left Banks of the city of light, Paris.

peter from paris on kdswr instagram

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