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Kids summer wear styles

Kids summer wear styles is Something ethnic with a modern twist, inspired and influenced by the celebrity kids – we talk about what is trending in kids’ summer wear this season. And the Kids summer wear styles this Holiday.

Most children are not too anxious about what they wear. They like their favorite cartoon character printed on the clothes or they like to wear football tees. Children will always benefit from the best trendiest fashions deemed fit by their parents.

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” – Kate Spade, American Fashion Designer

As kids, we always liked to saunter around with our offbeat clothes and dressing up for special occasions. And it is exciting to bring back the light color palettes and the quirky prints back for the hot summers. Because it was just fun back then.

Children wear is arguably a solid business these days. Since summers are the time for kid’s summer holiday and to go outdoors with family and friends, it is the right time to overhaul their wardrobe on a regular basis. Because Kids grow and clothes don’t.

The team at KDSWR suggests to you what we observe as the latest trends in the kids’ summer wear collection for this coming hot summer.

We realize what impact the fashion can have on the confidence levels of the kids. It is wise to select the summer wardrobe intelligently and make your children stand out and yet with comfort and safety as a priority.

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For safety and comfort, it goes without saying that it is wiser to select clothing made of natural plant fibers because these breathe easily and are more comfortable. They should easily absorb moisture from the skin allowing for comfort on the beach and on the playground. When it comes to choosing fabrics, we should think cotton, linen, bamboo, jute… and if you can find it… flower of lotus.


Summers are getting hotter every year! Color is an important aspect in Kids wear as it should play a role of mitigating exposure to severe temperatures. At KDSWR we suggest keeping the base colors white or beige as these light colors will reflect light and heat from your little ones.


Florals are a safe top pick in Kids summer wear styles. The differentiating point of this summer’s floral is the light color palettes mixed with the ruffles. Especially the faded pink and soft pastels. This season there is evidence of floral patterns being more tactile or tangible in form of embroidery or playful collage floral patterns.

Metallic Tones

While the bling bling shiny gold and silver tones are on trend today, vibrant colors with an illuminating sheen are also trending in the kids’ summer wear. Simple details like a shiny brooch on the dress, gold buckles on the belts, shiny sneakers or shoe laces and sparkling rose gold bags and backpacks, make your kid stand out.

Printed Trainers

Sportswear in kids’ fashion is also having a spin. Value-added textiles are rising but it comes in the form of trainers. For girls, floral printed trainers with contrasting laces are trending. It is a quirky way to stand out and make your kid comfortable at the same time.

Graphic Prints

Kids fashion should be more about graphic prints. Because there won’t be any difference in an adult fashion and kids wear. The combination of bright hues and graphic prints is appropriate for the young ones. It adds special elements to your kids’ wardrobe.


Anything can go out of fashion in the next season, but denim is evergreen. Denim is Timeless in the Kids wear wardrobe. It is always fashionable whether in adults or in kids. And is the most liked fashion piece and it is not limited to just jackets and jeans. You can find denim shoes, denim dresses, denim shirts or even denim earring for that matter if you searched.

Unisex Style

One thing while buying fashion for your young ones is that you should not limit the choices. Removes the stereotypes of dressing. There has been a gradual shift in fashion to being gender neutral. Today, both parents and fashionistas are avoiding “pink color for girls and blue for boy” approach. Remember that in the middle of the 20th century Pink used to be a Boys color and Blue used to be a girls color. Fashion moves in cycles.

Natural Inspiration

With the rising awareness about the conservation of nature, trends are shifting to organic and natural fabrics. 2019 comes with the trend of using khaki, organic cotton, jute or bamboo fabric for kids wear and accessories.

Analyzing the trends, we should admit that a lot has changed. And the industry has become dynamic with changing perspective. Because Fashion is all about creativity and no risks means no fun.

What else for the kid’s summer holiday? Let’s have a look at what brands are coming up with this season. Fashion brands for the little ones are coming up with the primary colors instead of the pre-washed colors, pastels, and pinks.

As far as the fabric is concerned, you can find a lot of cotton and linen collection in the stores. Organic fashion is in demand and is the need of the hour. You can choose from the organic and natural collection for your children and yet their wardrobe could look stylish. Though this may appear basic, accessories like well crafted cool colored bold sunglasses and sandals accentuate the basic tones of the fabric.

Another important aspect of Kids summer wear styles is how comfortable the clothes are. The clothes can be trendy, but they should also be comfortable. Putting on a heavy layered dress in the summer heat can lead to uneasiness for your kid. It is important to dress your young one according to the occasion. As mentioned earlier, think plant based fabrics for summer and animal fabrics for winter.

Whatever the trend is, it is crucial to dress up your child in the best of what is easy to carry. Because the clothes should reflect the personality of your kids.

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So Happy Dressing-Up!

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