Zarina Baby Arm Chair – Fuchsia/Aubergine

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The iconic and elegant Zarina Baby Arm Chair Fuchsia is an ideal addition to a kid’s room. This Zarina Baby Arm Chair is highly comfortable piece of Adele-C is in it’s original size. The chair was first made by Cesare Cassina with his own hands for Adele, back in 1944.  in 2009 Adele Cassina created her namesake brand inspired by her father Cesare.

This Zarina Baby Arm Chair features a frame in wood with a polyurethane padding that creates the seat, armrests, and curved back. The non-removable cotton velvet upholstery is a guarantee of comfort, coziness, and style.

Dimensions (cm): W 56 x D 58 x H 64      Seat (cm): 30

Hand Made in Italy: Ships in 8 weeks.

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Adele-C Brand Story

The Story about the Zarina Baby Arm Chair. Italian designer Adele Cassina created Adele-C in 2009, having been inspired by her father Cesare.

Cesare was a pioneer of Italian furniture in the ‘50s, who was the first to invite architects to design home décor, thus establishing a model still used to this day. Several artists and designers have contributed to create the brand, distinctive for its iconic eclecticism and sophisticated glamour, whose headquarters are in Milan’s city center.

Zarina Baby Arm Chair – product sheet

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Zarina Baby Arm Chair

Adele-C The Brand & Baby Arm Chair

Designer-artists are called on by Adele Cassina to help contribute to the creation of the brand’s universe, made up of home furnishings and accessories in which design is joined by an original component: alongside a pleasing iconic quality is a bold element which amplifies the functionality of the objects in a surprising manner. Adele-C products are designer home accessories which faithfully reflect the founder’s character: charismatic, eclectic, outside-the-box collections, which are, at the same time, distinguished by a sober, timeless elegance, to be chosen and loved forever.

“Zarina Baby" is an iconic little armchair, originally designed by Cesare Cassina for his daughter Adele and now re-edited and manufactured by Adele-C, featuring a wooden frame with polyurethane padding in differing densities, crushproof goose-feather cushion seat with a polyurethane insert, available in different fabric covers. Indoor use only.



Adele-C was founded in 2009 by Adele Cassina. Her father Cesare was a pioneer in Italian furniture design, the revolutionary entrepreneur who first brought architects into his company as designers in the 1950s, establishing the model still followed today in the high-end furniture sector. Several artists and designers have contributed to create the brand, distinctive for its iconic eclecticism and sophisticated glamour, whose headquarters are in Meda, in the heart of the cabinetmaking district inside an old Benedictine monastery, while the showroom is in Brera, in Milan’s city center. "The priceless gift that my father made for me with his own hands when I was a child has become a beloved inheritance and the icon of my work" Adele Cassina about "Zarina Baby"
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